Plans for future research

I am interested in widening the possible applications of AOPs; for example, the synergy between advanced oxidation (on biodegradability) and suspended and fixed biotreatments (e.g., membrane bioreactors, biofilters and SAT) might be exploited with the concurrent development of advanced tools for assaying biodegradability of various types of water following AOPs. I am also keen to examine and understand the impact of AOPs on industrial waste water, especially for complex, non-conventional and marginal water with high organic load, salinity or particle content. Examples include the treatment of waste water from biodiesel production and reverse-osmosis brines. I am also interested in studying the occurrence and behavior of engineered nanoparticles in drinking WTPs and their interactions with natural water constituents (dissolved and particulate) in relation to water-treatment efficiency. The presence of NPs in WTPs raises the following questions: What is the capacity of traditional WTPs to remove NPs on-site? How can we modify and optimize current technologies for NP removal?