One of the major challenges faced by the world today is the availability of safe drinking water. It is therefore essential to acquire the knowledge necessary to meet currently unsolved and emerging water problems. My research is focused on developing water-treatment processes and technologies by emphasizing both theoretical and experimental (laboratory and field) studies toward introducing natural and induced photons, radicals and nanoparticles into the water. I am interested in the effects of these reactive species on the kinetics and mechanisms of microbial inactivation, biofouling control and chemical oxidation, to improve water quality and develop sustainable processes for various applications. The Water-Tech Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, which I lead, supports scientific research for graduate students in the field of water research and technology, as described above.

Specific research activities in my laboratory include:

  1. Photolysis and oxidation of hospital and industrial waste water using ultraviolet (UV)-, photocatalysis- and ozone-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs)
  2. Biofouling control in water by UV-based AOPs and nanoparticle pretreatment
  3. Particle-shape analysis in water undergoing various treatments, such as granular and membrane filtration and AOPs
  4. Reuse technologies via hybrid biofiltration, ozonation and short soil aquifer treatment (SAT) of secondary effluent
  5. Application of nanostructured solar photocatalytic membrane reactors (PMRs) for water treatment
  6. Tool development to asses AOPs, such as fluorescence-tagged viruses and gene expression
  7. Pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass via AOPs and bioethanol production